Why Managing the Business of Technology is Different Than Systems Management

As technology specific to the problem, traditional system management vendors are trying to morph and reposition their existing solutions into our space. Some examples of this include HP Software, BMC Software, Service Now and other niche vendors that provide a service level management perspective. If you talk to a large corporation such as Expedia, Cisco, JP Morgan Chase, etc. – they will tell you that traditional systems management and technology business management are two separate disciplines and what they are trying to accomplish requires a radically new technology architecture that combines deep analytics, process automation, out of the box IT financial management expertise, and financial & IT operational data integration. Think of it like a system management company like BMC trying to do ERP.

Service and system management is all about managing IT from a service perspective (ITIL lifecycle – incident, problem, change) and a technology perspective (automation, monitoring, etc.) These solutions focus on individual components of technology or stages in the service lifecycle, and don’t have the data, analytics or collaborative process automation a business management solution requires. A service desk system which is used to track incidents, problem, changes, cannot be used to solve this style of problem. They are two different paradigms.

Technology business management is all about managing the cost, quality and value of IT products and services. Essentially, it’s managing the supply chain of IT services. As a result, potential customers are looking for solutions to better make business decisions (e.g. should I move to the cloud?, which applications should I rationalize?, which data centers are costing me more?, what are my biggest cost drivers and how do I reduce expense) and automate business and financial processes (budgeting & forecasting, provide Bill of IT to business users for “showback” or chargeback, capture demand of business) in one single architecture and model. This requires a new technology architecture which consists of in memory BI for decision support, process automation applications, and out of box expertise for IT cost management. Such a system needs to input and use IT operational, IT service management and Financial data.

We like all the noise the system management vendors are creating, but they are fundamentally two different disciplines. It’s been proven over the last several years that technology business management requires a very focused approach to provide value to customers.

Understanding the Range of Emotions When Dealing With Pet Loss

There are so many different emotions that go through your mind – and your heart – when dealing with the loss of a pet. In fact, the range can be so vast, that it can actually be confusing for some people. Everyone expects to feel sadness when they’ve just been dealt the blow of losing a pet. However, they often don’t expect to feel anger, frustration, confusion and anxiety that often come along with the sadness.

Pet loss can adversely affect how people operate day-to-day and how they deal with the grieving process. Pet loss can be as devastating as any other type of loss. Pets serve as faithful companions for their owners, and their passing can feel as horrible as losing a dear friend or family member.

Moreover, this rainbow of emotions that is experienced anytime a loss of this magnitude occurs is completely normal and part of the overall grief cycle. The anger and frustration exist because people cannot comprehend why the death occurred and how to work through the void left by the loss of their friend. Many pet owners invest so much in the way of time, resources, but most of all, love and friendship into their pets, that is can be hard to let go of one of the most important relationships they had with another living being.

And, depending on the level of spirituality a person has, they may have some unresolved questions and feelings about death in general, which can in turn make the pet loss that much harder to bear. Accepting these feelings as normal and facing them head-on, instead of burying them deep inside of one’s soul really is the only true way to work through the emotions that come along with the devastating loss of a pet.

Additionally, there are several other ways to work through this loss, including memorializing pets through a variety of means. Having an actual pet burial or pet cremation ceremony is one step in this process, allowing pet owners some opportunity for closure. Next, planning a pet memorial service, writing an online pet memorial and even creating a beautiful scrapbook full of photos for the many memories your pet left behind are all healthy methods of grieving that can help one accept the pet loss. These are all healthy ways of dealing with the grief of a pet loss. For those that don’t with loss of any kind very well, some counseling might help to resolve feelings about what has occurred; however, this is usually needed in extreme cases of grief and there are usually underlying issues in place in these situations.

Pet loss is a serious, devastating life event and working through the grief rather than suppressing it is critically important. It is no less significant than the loss suffered when losing a human loved one. Pet owners should allow themselves to experience all of the emotions associated with such a loss and depend on the support network around them, including family and close friends. Moreover, remembering the good times shared between owner and pet through the memorial process will also go a long way towards resolving any outstanding feelings about this loss and any previous losses suffered in life.

Forex Online and the Social Media Scene

The advent of the internet tore down barriers from social, communication and geographical to allow people to interact with professionals in the forex world. The online bridge signifies that forex speculators, even as individuals can now trade alongside multinational companies, central banks, hedge funds, retail traders and speculators. The prospect does sound daunting and there is so much to be learned before making an informed trading decision, save for the case of expert financial brokers dealing with forex and other trades.In such instances, trading can border on gambling which will inadvertently burn the fingers of inexperienced traders. However, the new age traders harness the power of the Internet to make sure they make the right call and share their knowledge with other online traders.Online communities are broadening their specialization topics to include more niche subjects such as successful forex trading online, and keep a community of traders informed using social media channels.Real-time news streams documenting each forex traders’ actions, most commonly done through TwitterA forex traders’ discussion platform through chat rooms and the like.Information share portals to enable traders from across the world to share common interest stories, as well as trading strategies and insights.Social media in this realm attracts millions of online users who are looking to reach out to and discuss their online trading strategies and insights. The more enterprising of this lot choose to use social networks and blogs to reach out rather than establishing one of their own. YouTube for recaps, blogs on investment strategies and advice, discussion groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. Trading then becomes a social activity to these financial traders who are constantly exploring the foreig n exchange trading world. Just looking into your most accessed social media site, you’ll find a wide range of discussions and networks developed by the online trade pros.All these social media efforts add up to a major trend shift in the focus of online forex service providers. Aware of the stereotypes created when forex suddenly opened up to the average person, Online trading companies are quickly racing to close the gaps that make individual trading any less of a rewarding experience than that of trading with a major institution. They’re also coming to the collective conclusion that social media is the best route to achieve this goal.At this point, any predictions about the long term effects of social media on global forex remains speculative at best, but there is no denying that current trends are making such an eventuality seem ever more likely.

Comparing Online Bingo Bonuses

If you are interested in online bingo, chances are very good that you are just a bingo enthusiast. The tends to be different from other forms of online gambling in the sense that most of the people that get into it are interested in playing and the concept of a bonus collector is really unheard of. While this is definitely different, it also does present a unique opportunity of education for people that might have a passing interest this game and would likely play it quite a bit more if they knew that there were good bonuses just waiting to be taken.If you want to compare online bingo bonuses, there are two methods that can be used. The first method is to compare the games bonuses, which simply means taking a look at the large number of online bingo sites that now exist and then compare the bonuses from different websites to see which websites have good bonuses and which do not. If you were to do this, you would find that a good bonus in the online bingo community is usually a bingo bonus of around $50. Anything that is at this level or higher in the quantitative sense is definitely a bonus worth pursuing and for that reason there are many websites out there that you can play at if your interest is more in collecting the bonus than in playing the online bingo game.The other bonus comparison method is the inter-gambling method of bonus comparison and in this method what you would do is take the games bonuses that you see and compare those online bingo bonuses to the same bonuses that are offered by online poker, online casino and online sports book websites.In doing this, there are two specific conclusions that can be drawn. The first conclusion is that the online bingo bonuses are not as fluidic and established as these other bonuses and considering the relative infancy of the online bingo community this is perhaps not that surprising. Bonuses on online poker sites are well established, especially if the website is large. Bonuses on online bingo sites tend to change quite a bit as the site figures out the largest bonus it can offer to its customers while still making money when the final balance sheet is calculated.The second conclusion is that the bingo bonuses are somewhere between online casinos and online sports books in terms of offering good bonuses with all three of these websites being well behind online poker sites in this particular area. This essentially means that while some bingo games bonuses are good, the field overall still has a long way to go before it can compare itself to online poker or online casinos in terms of bonus offerings.

Cheap Online Trading Tips

If you are looking for a new and exciting hobby that you can possibly make some money on the side with, it could be as simple as starting a cheap online trading account. There are literally thousands upon thousands of possible trading partners that you can hook up with on the Internet. This broadens your chances of finding a good match and trade of shares or stocks that you may own or be looking for. The websites that you will find the trades on are very easy to find and more sites are popping up seemingly each and every day.Cheap online trading has become one of the biggest draws for those looking to get into money making chance game, yet have no interest in simply gambling. Managing what you have invested in, is just as important as acquiring the stock or share assets in the first place.Minimal FeesOne of the best aspects about cheap online trading is that you can actually find minimal shares associated with the websites that you will be trading on. Some sites will give you so many trades per month before you start to be charged a small trading fee. Other websites will have a specific membership entitlement that can allow for no fees whatsoever provided you pay an annual or monthly membership fee. These sites are always a hot spot and can be one of the busiest trading type websites on the market during the weekends. This is when people actually have the time to scout and scour the Internet for the right cheap trades that are going to better their portfolio. You can still enlist the help from a broker to help you understand what would work best for you, yet with this type of trading it is not an absolute necessity.The broker that you enlist will however help you see what is going to make your profile the strongest when you are dealing with cheap online trading. They can alert you to an issue that may be arising in advance, so you can make provision by selling or trading prior to a drop.ChallengingCheap online trading can actually be a challenging endeavor. You will see that there are many other people that are looking to get ahead with their profile just like you. While it is not entirely out of the question that someone will try to pass off a shady trade or two, usually everyone that you encounter is mature and responsible on the virtual trading floor. The entire premise of the game is to acquire and build assets, doing this though shrewd and crafty trading pitches is what is going to bring you to your goal. This is how you will be managing your small yet actual monopoly.Cheap online trading is something that just about anyone with a decent credit score and a bit of money to invest can get into today. You can get a small portfolio going in as little as an hour from there you will be able to watch the growth as you spend time on the Internet trading floor.